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B2B training - Wensei By Kagilum

Project management with the AGILE method - GMA Certification

This certification attests to your skills in Agile and Scrum methods, while respecting the values and principles of agility.

Project management with the AGILE method - GMA Certification
Project management with the AGILE method - GMA Certification

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B2B training - Wensei By Kagilum

About the event

Certification - Managing projects with the Agile method (GMA) - 21 hours of lessons

Our training courses and those of our partners prepare you for certificationManaging projects with the Agile method (GMA), whose passage isincluded in the training price.

This certification attests to yourSKILLS in the methodsAgile and Scrum, in compliance withvalues and principles agility.

Shesupplements or replaces other certifications (e.g.™) through its focus on skills,state of mind and agile culture, its aspectFrench speaking, the fact that she isrecognized by the State and its application onall roles of the Scrum team.

It is a key tool in your approach toreconversion, ofjob search or need tolegitimize your skills.

French certification recognized by the State and registered in the number-specific directoryRS5695

90-minute online exam with closed (MCQ) and open (editorial) questions

LinkedIn badge and integration into the Skills Passport to enhance your profile on the job market

Open to the positions of Product Owner, Scrum Master or Developer in a Scrum team or SAFe context

Allows financing by the CPF, Pôle Emploi, OPCOs etc.

Evaluation methods

The exam is available after following training to prepare for it. You automatically receive a digital invitation by email with the access credentials to thedigital platform There is nono deadline to take the exam.

The exam provides a context for developing a simulated Product andrepresentative real work situations. Thisred thread topic is presented at the beginning of the exam and it is then broken down into practical cases withclosed questions (MCQ) and open questions (editorial, e.g. writing Product Goal, Sprint Goal, Users Stories, proposed solutions to an obstacle, justifications for answers to the MCQ, etc.).

The exam lasts as long as possible90 minutes (1h30). If you need special arrangements (e.g. third-time work), particularly forpeople with disabilities, please contact us beforehand so that we can ensure that they are properly set up.

When taking the exam, you will have access to the contact details of the person responsible for organizing the tests, who you can contact in the event of a complaint or request for appeal.

Each of the 7 skills covered by the certification has a maximum of 10 points associated, making 70 points in total. You must getat least 50% of the points associated with each skill Andat least 80% of all points throughout the exam. There is no partial validation of skills.

After taking the exam, your answers will be reviewed by aindependent jury. Whether or not you have obtained certification will be notified to you by email.within three working days.

If you obtain certification, aparchment and onedigital badge will then be available on your space.

To find out more, visitSkills and Assessment Framework.

Exam preparation/revision

Through this exam, you will not validatenot knowledge, but skills. A skill is implemented,it must therefore be acquired through experience and cannot just be “revised”.

This is the reason why the certification is accessible via atraining that prepares. It is above all through the acquisition of professional skillsduring training (through workshops, exercises, role-playing) that you will be prepared for the exam from an educational point of view.

Your trainer and his training organization have all the information necessary to prepare you in good conditions for taking the exam,do not hesitate to call on them !

The exam includes writing parts and the questions change from one passage to another, as well as the preparation carried out during the trainingdoes not consist to make you rethink the type of questions you may encounter, but also to help you acquire the skills assessed throughpractical cases representative of real work situations. This preparation is therefore notno cramming and there is no online mock exam. You should have done this during the training, but if in doubt you canpractice writing elements specified in Scrum: Product Goal, Sprint Goal, Product Backlog Items with the User Story format.

For our part, as a certifier, it is our role to ensure thatthe exam questions validate the prepared skills well using measurable objective criteria and we take this role to heart!

That said, in order to implement the skills assessed, it is expected thatyou have precise knowledge of the official Agile frameworks, which we therefore recommend that you review diligently. As stated, their revision will not be sufficient, but it will certainly beessential to your success. Here they are :

Proven skills

Obtaining certification certifies that you have acquired the following skills:

C1 -Identify the responsibilities associated with each stakeholder in order to embody their role and help other stakeholders to embody theirs.

C2 -Materialize the product vision, particularly through the Product Objective, in order to give meaning and direct the team towards a clear direction.

C3 -Define a transparent, visual and prioritized Product Backlog, in particular using User Stories and the Sprint Review, so that the content of the next Product Increments brings it closer to the Product Objective and maximizes its value.

C4 -Plan Sprints, notably using Sprint Planning, Sprint Objective, velocity, Planning Poker estimates and Definition of Done, in order to plan the right amount of work and make projections without compromising the level of defined quality.

C5 -Facilitate daily collaboration, particularly through the Sprint Backlog, tasks and Daily Scrum in order to promote self-management and autonomy.

C6 -Ensure the adequacy of practices with Agile values and principles in order to support the necessary changes within the team and the organization.

C7 -Lead a continuous improvement process, in particular using the Sprint Retrospective and monitoring indicators such as Burndown and Burnup, in order to implement the necessary adaptations as soon as possible.

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